【MOA 2020 速報 On-site News Day-3 】

《VFC Mk48 AEG》 2021年VFC將推出的重量級產品之中,還有這把全新設計的Mk48 LMG AEG. 使用鋁合金槍身,使全槍重量僅有4kg,專利設計的雙給彈系統,除了可使用外接容量高達5500發的彈鼓之外,槍身內部已內置1000發的裝彈空間,是相當適合玩家下場拚戰的實用型槍款。 

《VFC Mk48 AEG》 In 2021, VFC will release a bunch of products of great impacts, including the brand new designed Mk48 LMG AEG. The receiver of the gun is made out of alluminium alloy, makes the gun weight only 4kg. The patented dual feeding system allows the shooter to feed from the attached ammo box, which has a capacity of 5500 rounds, or a inner compartment inside the gun that holds 1000 rounds. The Mk48 is a gun designed with practicallity of airsoft engagements and a great tool for airsoft matches. 

《PAF Airsoft:M2 QCB》 PAF M2 QCB這把重量級產品在展期中一直是會場中的焦點,除了槍管於上蓋為鋁合金材質外,全槍使用鋼材製作,精密準確的採吋與實槍幾無差距,也因此獲得軍方青睞用於台灣自製的雲豹甲車訓練使用,整體重量則因無槍機結構而較實槍略少5kg。 M2 QCB採用三種系統,分別是AEG、HPA以及漆彈的模組。另一款Mk19榴彈機槍則是AEG以及CO2榴彈(射程可達50m)兩種射擊方式。 M2 QCB以及Mk19預計於2021年第二季發售,目前已可向PAF Airsoft官方預定。 

《PAF Airsoft:M2 QCB》 PAF M2 QCB is a heavyweight product and always on the spotlight of crowd's attention of MOA 2020. Except the barrel and the top cover, which are made out of alluminium, the whole gun is made out of steel. The precise and correct build measuring of the gun makes it no different in looks comparing to the real gun. Thus make the gun earned the favor of the Taiwanese military and used for training purposes on the CM-32 Armoured Vehicle. The weight of the gun is 5kg lighter than the real gun due the lack of an actual bolt. M2 QCB comes in 3 different versions, the AEG, HPA and the Paintball version. On the other hand the Mk19 grenade launcher has two firing mode of AEG and CO2 grenade(has a reach about 50m). M2 QCB and Mk19 is estimated to release in the second quarter of 2021. The pre-order is proceding officially by PAF Airsoft.

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