【MOA 2020 速報 On-site News Day-1 】

《SRC MP40》 全新的SRC MP40 (CO2)採用更堅固的全鋼製沖壓槍身,為了對應採用CO2系統所產生的強大後座力,在槍身接縫處加強焊點,讓整體握感更加紮實。全新設計的CO2彈匣可容納30發子彈,內裝2支鋼瓶可擊發2-3匣。目前預計於2021第二季發售,將有一般版(一槍一匣)以及豪華版(包含木箱、彈匣袋、皮製槍背帶)可供選購。 

《SRC MP40》 The latest SRC MP40 (CO2) has a stronger full-steel stamped receiver to endure the powerful force of recoil generated by the CO2 driven system. The connecting section of the receiver has reinforced welding spots, makes the gun feel more rigid in hands. The newly designed CO2 magazine holds 30 rounds and requires two CO2 capsules, which can last for firing two to three mags. The is scheduled to release during the second quarter of 2021. There will be the standard edition (One gun and one magazine) and the deluxe edition (includes the gun in a wood crate, one mag pouch and one leather sling) available for purchase. 

《VFC G3 SG-1》 在前次發售的G3系列大受好評之後,VFC緊接著再推出許多人心中的一代經典 -- G3 SG-1 本次推出的G3 SG-1是市面上目前為止唯一完整復刻實槍,除了擬真的外觀,拉動槍機也能看見仿真槍製作的槍機頭(與VFC G3 GBB不同的設計),貼腮也可操作調整高低,扳機上下可調整,握把護圈也可針對手型作調整,將SG-1功能完美複製。 雖然沒有配附狙擊鏡,但是固定於上機匣的狙擊鏡架搭載了20mm通用軌道,玩家可自行選配適合的狙擊鏡。 原廠即配備6.03mm精密管,玩家不需要特別更換即擁有優秀的射擊效能。 

《VFC G3 SG-1》 Followed up by the great success of the formerly released G3 series, VFC's upcoming release is also one classic of a gun in many's mind -- G3 SG-1. The VFC G3 SG-1 is the only one of its kind that fully replicated the real gun. Except the realistic look of the gun, you can also see the realistic bolt while cycling the action. Like how the real gun is different from G3, the gun has an adjustable cheek riser that can manually adjust the height. The height-adjustable trigger and the adjustable palm shelf grip also perfectly resemble the functions of the real SG-1. Although the gun does not come with a scope, the upper receiver does come with a set of 20mm Pic-rail on the top, which mean the shooter can fit his own preferable scope onto the gun. The stock gun come with a 6.03mm precision inner barrel, makes it an excellent shooter without changing any of its parts. 

《Archwick Airsoft》 Archwick在推出Mk13 Mod7後,緊接著推出多樣新產品。有目前正在洽談授權中的B&T手槍模組套件,除了原有G17版本,另外有設計了對應G18版本的套件,可對應VFC以及WE的GLOCK系列產品。 另外,許多喜愛英式風格的玩家也可以期待接下來即將推出的L119A1 GBBR(10吋管版本)。 採用VSR系統的SPR 300也正在加緊腳步準備上市,採用加大45cc汽缸以及專利的雙彈匣系統,也是相當令人期待的新品。 

《Archwick Airsoft》 After releasing the Mk13 Mod7, Archwick released various new products soon afterward. The new pistol module kit, which is still in the process of licencing with B&T, will come in the original G17 version and the slightly redesigned G18 version. The kit is for GLOCK series of airsoft pistols by VFC and WE. Also, the British military fans will be looking forward to their upcoming L119A2 GBBR (10inch ver.) The new SPR 300 running the VSR system is in it preparation to release as well. With the high volume 45cc cylinder and the patented dual magazine system, the gun will be in many's expectation. 

《ASG B&T USW A1》 由B&T正式授權,台灣知名大廠KJ WORKS代工生產的USW A1勤務手槍,採用雙系統彈匣供彈(CO2彈匣24發,瓦斯彈匣50發)。 於一般手槍設計不同,USW A1是從槍口處操作滑套,特別的是,除了滑套為金屬材質外,下槍身握把以上部分也為金屬材質。 歐美地區目前已經發貨,近期應可在市面上看到。亞洲地區則預計在2021年第一季上市,定價約為6800元。 

《ASG B&T USW A1》 Officially licensed by B&T and manufactured by the well-known KJ WORKS in Taiwan, the USW A1 duty pistol is uniquely designed, feeds from a dual system magazine(CO2 mag holds 24 rounds and Gas mag holds 50 rounds). What is special about the gun is the slide is manipulated from the muzzle end. Also, not just the slide is full-metal, the lower frame except the grip is also full-metal. The pistol is released in Europe and U.S. and should be released in Taiwan shortly. The gun is scheduled to release in Asia during the first quarter of 2021. The MSRP is 6,800 NTD.

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