與2020年的末段一同到來的便是我們一年一度的MOA 2020!自2017年開始舉辦以來,今年的MOA即將邁入第四屆。而今年也一如往常地將會在世貿一館,聚集各大廠商前來展示旗下最新、最熱門的Airsoft產品。



What's coming up with the end of this year is our annual event of MOA 2020! Since the event started in 2017, we are ushering the 4th MOA in this year. The event will take place at TWTC hall 1 as before, gathering major brands together as exhibitors and showing their latest and coolest products.

We know all kinds of trades and businesses are more or less impacted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. Therefore, we hope this event can become an opportunity for all airsoft lovers to come together and shine once more as a vivid community.

We hereby sincerely invite all individuals of the airsoft community to come and join us in the largest airsoft exhibition in the world.