長久以來,眾多玩具槍廠商在世界各地參加的展覽以每年一月美國拉斯維加斯的SHOT SHOW以及三月德國紐倫堡的IWA CLASSIC為新品的主要展示機會,但在這些場合中,玩具槍的展示都僅僅是其中極小的一部分,對於海外參展的廠商來說卻必須花費大筆的費用及人力前往參加,也必須因為長途運輸而必須取捨攜帶展出的產品,甚是可惜;有鑑於此,推動專業且正式的產業展覽平台勢在必行,台灣位於亞洲中心地區,從日本、中國、韓國、香港、澳門、越南、泰國、柬埔寨、馬來西亞等地區來說都只需短時間便可抵達的地區,如果能夠妥善利用地理優勢,邀請世界各地的媒體、代理商、採購人員齊聚台灣,讓製造廠商能夠降低海外展覽成本、同時也推動在地經銷店家發展,讓廠商以海外客戶為主、配合針對國內消費者的經銷店家銷售,創造廠商與店家雙贏的局面。



For long time, there are two exhibitions, Shot Show at every January in Las Vegas, U.S.A. and IWA Classic at every March in Nurnberg, Germany, which the airsoft gun manufacturers join those exhibition to present their new products. During these exhibitions, demonstration of airsoft products are very small part in it but for those manufacturers, they need to take huge amount of time, cost and staff to attend it. More than that, as the cargo transportation cost lots of time, they might not be able to show all the product instead of choosing some are very important to them. And that’s a not good thing to manufacturers and show visitors. As the situation develops, to have a professional and formal exhibition platform for airsoft industry is the priority thing to do.

Since Taiwan is located at the center of Asia pacific, it doesn’t took long time to travel from Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia etc… Therefore we can use this advantage to invite press media, sales agent and purchasing responsible around the world to Taiwan. Not only make those manufacturer to attend the exhibition with less cost, but also for those local sales agents are able to seek more business opportunities. Let manufacturers can focus on oversea customers, accompany with local sales agents who focused on domestic customers, creating a “Win-Win” situation.

Hosting in Taiwan this year, “MOA” military, outdoor, airsoft exhibition sincerely invite all the sales agent and manufacturer in Asia region to join this exhibition. Step by step make the MOA a world leading military, outdoor and airsoft related exhibition, creating infinity opportunities for this industry.