末廣町女僕咖啡館成立於2007年,「末廣町」是源於日治時期,本館所在之舊街道名,秉著「服務至上」、「新鮮食材」以及「親手製作」等三大堅持營運至今。除了高品質的服務,以及美味的餐點,本館制服也為一大特色,由專門團隊精心設計與製作,從女僕代表性的蕾絲髮箍、可愛的蓬蓬裙到身上精緻的圍裙,無一不是團隊的用心,融入最新元素,代代創新,希望能為「主人」帶來視覺的饗宴。 因具備服裝專業技能,末廣町設計團隊也開發並少量製作戶外裝備,除國內販售,同時外銷日本並大受好評,因此於2015年創立新品牌,以日治時期日本帝國對台灣的稱呼命名為「薫風裝備」,以復刻日本陸上自衛隊裝備為主要項目,希望能提供自衛隊玩家高品質的裝備。

Suehirojo Maid Café was founded in 2007, the name of “Suehirojo” was the old district name that its location in Japanese colonial rule. With the management philosophy, “Service-oriented, fresh ingredients”, and “ handmade”, Suehirojo Maid Café operated for years to now. Besides providing good service and delicious meals, another visual feast of uniform was provided here. The gorgeous uniforms were designed and stitched by a professional team, from lace headdress, which is one of maids’ feature, to one-piece dress and lace apron, all delicate and combine the latest elements. With the expertise of costume, the costume designer team of Suehirojo Maid Café developed and produced outdoor equipment in small quantities, which sells in Taiwan and exports to Japan. By receive highly recommendation, “Kunpuu Outdoor Equipment” was created as a new brand under Suehirojo Maid Café in 2015, which name after the nickname of Taiwan in Japanese colonial rule. Duplicating Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force(JGSDF) equipment as its main business item, and providing high-quality war game equipment to JGSDF war game player as vision.