【炙燒黑鮪魚商會】是由一群熱衷於實境角色扮演 – LARP (Live Action Role Playing) 遊戲的同好所組成,實境角色扮演遊戲係由龍與地下城一類的TRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game) 衍伸發展而出,是透過人與人的真實互動來競技或推進劇情的遊戲。

目前炙燒黑鮪魚商會每個月固定舉辦「前線」與「界域探索」兩個不同類型的免費遊戲,分別是PvE (Player versus Environment) 與PvP (Player versus player) 不同取向以讓玩家得以盡興遊戲。


TUNA LARP is composed by bunch of LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game enthusiasts. LARP is developed from DnD like TRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game) games several decades ago, but now we set our fantasy game in real life and play our own characters ourselves.

We own two monthly events "Frontline" and "Realm explore". "Frontline" is more focus on PVP and "Realm explore" focus on PVE and role playing. As a beginner, you may choose your own game style to enjoy, of course those games are free!

If you are interested in LARP, come to our booth for more details and join our events!