我們是 Original Footwear,旗下擁有及製造兩大品牌 Altama & Original Swat,兩大品牌在全球均有登記以及銷售 。
Altama - 品牌超過50年,專注在製造及銷售軍用鞋類, 我們是美軍最大的供應商,並且也獲得全球許多政府的合約訂單。
Original S.W.A.T. - 品牌超過20年,專注在製造及銷售戰術性的鞋類,主要運用在執法人員。


我們除了製造&直接銷售之外, 也在美國、 加拿大以及荷蘭有經銷中心, 至於台灣市場,我們將倉庫設立在台中的亞洲總部。

We are Original Footwear, owners and manufacturer of Altama and Original Swat. Both brands are globally registered and distributed.

Altama, a brand of over 50 years is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of military footwear. We are the biggest supplier to the US army and hold many government contracts globally.

Original Swat, a brand of over 20 years specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of tactical footwear primarily used in law enforcement.

Both brands are available globally and sold both commercially as well as directly to government customers. Applications include various government departments like police, army, safety, air force, navy, coast guard as well as airsoft.

We ship both manufacturer direct as well as from our distribution centers in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. For the Taiwan market we hold stock in our Asian Headquarters in Taichung, Taiwan.