公司专注于研发、生产、销售各种户外防护类装备。诸如户外头盔、防护面罩/面具、战术套服、户外护目镜、战术背心、战术耳机/PTT、登山包、运动护具、战术腰带、枪包枪绳等均为我们的优势类目。其中户外头盔、防护面罩/面具与户外护目镜等类目产品均通过ANSI Z80.3落球测试(抗冲击性至少达到600FPS),战术套服与战术背心类产品通过欧洲四级标准,这些都是我们公司享誉国际的拳头产品。值得一提的是,我公司的所有头盔类、面具类产品的水转印迷彩图案均拥有原版公司授权,可在任何国家、地区直接销售而不会侵权。




WoSporT Industry CO.,Ltd is located in the world toys city-Guangdong Chenghai. After years of development, our company has become a comprehensive enterprise which integrating R&D, production, and service as one and owning WoSporT, KingRin Outdoor and other brands.

We focus on the development, production and sales of outdoor protection equipments, such as outdoor helmets, protective masks/mask, tactical suits, outdoor goggles, tactical vests, tactical headset/PTT, mountaineering bags, sports protective gear, tactical belts, and gun bag and gun slings, which are our strengths products. Among them, the outdoor helmets, protective masks/mask and outdoor goggles have been tested by ANSI Z80.3 landing test (the impact resistance is at least 700 FPS). What’s more, tactical suit and tactical vests products have reached the European Standard Four. All these are our internationally renowned leading products. It is worth mentioning that the water transfer camouflage patterns of all helmets and masks products have authorized by the original company, making sure that the products can be directly sold in any country and region without infringement.

Our R&D department is composed of person who are proficient in business, full of professionalism and have sense of responsibility, which is the reliable indemnification for us to improve our products and lead the industry trend. We also have extensive experience in ODM and OEM, rich accumulation of various production processes and huge database of raw material, so we can open mold and proofing production for the different needs of customers at all levels and serve them until they are satisfied. We have established partnerships with a number of shipping companies, land transportation companies and air transport companies, so we can provide the most cost-effective mode of transport for your goods.

As an outdoor protective equipments manufacturer, we have been committed to improving the reliability and protective of the products. It is our way forward to let every customer has reliable security guarantee. Whether the selection of raw materials, improvement of production process or to optimize the product details, reflects our core values of customer-oriented, which like the manifesto of WoSporT brand --Concentrate, focus and professional in your outdoor security.