力新文化是由一群在文化創意產業服務十多年,並且對於影音文化音樂產業有著熱情執著的工作伙伴所共同創立。力新文化致力於整合國內外最優秀的影像及 音樂作品、藝文、教育圖書等等...由這群文化尖兵主動出擊與拜訪於各學校、醫院等地方將最棒與最值得收藏的音樂直接帶至您眼前試聽試看, 另外積極透過各種展覽的參展及各種不同類型的公共場所皆可看到力新文化之夥伴展示其音樂產品,讓力新文化更貼近您的的心。力新文化以Listen為名,「Listen 2 You;Listen 2 Me」為Slogan,把傾聽與溝通視為公司最重要的文化。希望未來的日子透過力新文化整合出的音樂能夠認識您更能為您做長長久久的服務。Listen International is an established DVD/CD distributor in Taiwan . The company is founded by the strong and well-experienced Sales & Marketing team for one to one Direct Sales Market, i.e. Exhibitions, Door to Door Service .The team is formed by over 20 young and energetic Sales Executives who are trained under professional sales skills and strong sense of marketing strategy .We are interested at High Definition Products for both CD and DVD releases for the territory of Taiwan . Genre including : Classical Music, Wildlife, Landscape, Nature and Documentary, etc .