S&T Armament A.K.A. Smart Team was founded in 2009, as a world-wide leading Airgun/Airsoft manufacture. Composed of Airsoft enthusiasts, we understand Airsoft from manufacturing, sourcing, all the way to the battle field. Our mission is to supply a wide range of innovation, quality products, and value.

S&T Armament products are offered exclusively through Evike.com and 6mmProShop for the North America Market. It's also a sole agent of Famous Brand of CYMA / Golden Eagle/ A&K/ SNOW WOLF etc.

In Asia, the Main Cooperative Partner is UFC CO., LTD., indubitable UFC in a very strong position to airsoft field and was one of the main international power, with these backup force we can providing live tech support, logistic, and unparalleled warrangty support.

S&T Armament A.K.A. 駿盟國際實業有限公司成立於2009年,是由各界氣槍愛好精英組成的強大團隊,我們從生產,採購,到 “戰場” 上的每一個環節都對氣槍有著深刻的認識。作為世界領先的氣槍/生存遊戲製造商,我們的使命是提供廣泛的產品資源,以創新,優質的服務態度把多元及超高性價比的產品呈現給所有玩家。

S&T Armament產品主要通過要通過Evike.com和6mmProShop為北美市場提供。

在亞洲,它也是著名的CYMA / Golden Eagle/ A&K/ SNOW WOLF等品牌的獨家代理商,主要合作夥伴是UFC CO., LTD 。UFC以慣有的無可挑剔作風在氣槍領域處於非常有影響的地位,並且是主要的國際力量之一,有了這些後備資源,我們可以提供最大的技術支援,後勤, 以及無與倫比的保修服務。期待您的加入。