We sell not only guns but also dreams.

利成科技實業有限公司前身為利成製模工業,於 1982 年創立,初成立時是專營於各式模具及鐵器加工生產的傳統工廠,由於經驗的累積與市場需求,逐漸轉型為專精於工業模具的開發與設計,涉足的行業類別包含汽機車零件、運動器材、醫療器材...等專業領域的模具設計、開發與製造。

隨後幾年間由於市場面臨了高度同質化、薄利與非理性競爭的現象,在一次因緣際會之下接觸到生存遊戲的玩具槍製造機會,於 2004 年正式跨入了這個市場,陸續成功的開發出 AK Series 的各型玩具槍,這是一個高度專業化、歷史考究的市場,為此走訪各大展場以及深入了解玩家真正的需求。

憑藉以往為各專業領域開發專屬模具以及經歷了三年的 OEM 及 ODM 製造經驗,於 2007年我們正式成立了「利成科技實業有限公司」,並以 「LCTairsoft」 為品牌,以三十餘年的專業模具製造能力為底、註冊專利開發技術為本,開發、製造符合世界各國法規的擬真玩具槍 (AGE Gun) ,為各軍事槍迷製造出更逼真的歷史名槍,並協助玩家在遊戲中獲得更大的滿足。

The predecessor of Li Cheng Technique Business Company was Li Cheng Pattern Making Industry, initially was established in 1982 as an traditional factory for producing in various types mold and iron hardware machined. Based on the accumulation of experience and the market demand, we gradually involved in the professional development and design of the industrial molds, which can be used for producing the automotive parts, sport equipment, medical supplies…etc.

Afterwards, the market has faced the phenomenon like highly homogenization, low profit as well as the non-rational competition during several years. In 2004, we had an opportunity to involve the market for producing the puttyblower of the survival game, and also successfully developed the puttyblower of AK series. We are very glad to have the chances to join this highly specialized and historical elegant market. For this reason, we visit each exhibition so as to deeply understand the real demand from the players.

Based on the good experience of 30 years in development molds for each field as well as 3 years of OEM and ODM. We officially established “Li Cheng Technique Business Company” in 2007 with the brand “LCTairsoft”,. Believe we can made more lifelike historical famous gun for various military gun fans, and assist the player to obtain the biggest satisfaction in the game!