Acetk Corp Ltd. (Acetech) is the Airsoft accessory manufacturer who specializes in designing and producing airsoft tracer units, chronographs, airsoft gun controlling system and auto target system. Acetech exports products worldwide.

Acetech produces the brightest various tracer units for different uses. Acetech tracer units are designed for airsoft guns, pistols and even to enable users to install them in their silencers, which could turn their silencers to be unique tracer units. In addition, Acetech chronograph series possesses self-calibrating function, innovative LED lens, 4-way push button, which make them more accurate, durable and user-friendly. Through our professional techniques, Acetech also provides the technical consulting services for well-known Airsoft gun manufacturers and assist them design their electronic control systems. Acetech products are CE, FCC and RoHS certified.