FIGURE ARMOR 提供消費者舒適品質之運動機能商品,獨特設計融入前衛優雅時尚與低調奢華。視覺武裝做為溝通方式,商標如同歐洲皇族家徽般的造形設計呈現,相異盔甲戰士各拿著長矛與堅盾,背對朝外像是守護著寶物就如同重要的消費者一般,代表善攻精守不同個性也能相互協助,顏色各為互補色表達能在衝突的前衛設計中調和無比彩度與創意包容性的價值。

The mission of FIGURE ARMOR is to supply the consumer with high-quality sportswear which provides comfort and functionality.The design of products is unique in its in corporation of avant-garde elements and its air of low-profile luxury.

This symbolizes our dedication in treating our customers with the same care.We belive that even in avant-garde design,there is way for the coordination of the vibrancy of colors and creativity.