Element Airsoft (簡稱“元素”)最早成立於 2005 年,是一家生產玩具氣槍配件的公司。成立早期,主要產品是針對 Airsoft gun 使用的內部配件和外部配件,到中後期,我司就開始生產戰術電筒和戰術耳機等生存遊戲使用的裝備配件。進過12年的一路發展,到現在,元素公司已經變成擁有多個子品牌的生存遊戲裝備配件生產企業。旗下現有品牌:
ZTAC 通訊耳機系列產品
Night Evolution 強光手電系列產品
Aimo 瞄準鏡系列產品
Nhelmet 頭盔系列產品

Element Airsoft (Element) established in 2005 is a manufacturer specialized in airsoft accessories. In early years, the main products are internal and external accessories for airsoft. After that,we began to focus on R&D and production of tactical flashlight and tactical headsets which are used for war game. After 12 years development, Element now has become a manufacturing enterprises owned many sub-brand for war game equipment accessories .
Existing Brands:
ZTAC --communications headset series products
Night Evolution-- flashlight series products
Aimo--scopes sight series products
Nhelmet-- helmet series products