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Hwa San Plaything Co., Limited
Introduction & Company Philosophy

HWA SAN Plaything Co. started as a manufacturer of toys and puzzle-games in 1979. Our company moved forward and became increasingly involved in the air-gun business; the time when Taiwan was in curfew and gun related toys are controversial, the company was constantly under scrutiny.

The company continued to evolve over the years. Became more focused in the manufacturing of spring-powered airguns, as well as the research and development of CO2 powered airgun platform. The early version of Mauser styled CO2 powered 6mm BB airsoft rifle was born, and quickly became the iconic model for Hwa San.

As time went by the curfew was lifted and the change in law constitution that followed in the past two decades. Hwa San Plaything Co. became Hwa San Plaything Co., Limited; we took this opportunity to expand the company. Our business concept has evolved and expanded, with no less than a dozen retail stores covering local and Japan, a global wholesale distribution network and Internet store. Serving airsoft enthusiasts across the globe.

With effort to continually widening our scope of business. Our future road map includes plans to establish wargame venues, shooting ranges, providing equipment support, training and education for military simulation purpose and civilian entertainment.