傑電國際企業有限公司(Thunder Sports Supplies Co., LTD.) 成立於2000年,自成立以來,即積極代理歐美先進國家特勤裝備,並引進台灣以供國內特勤單位使用,如目前已被軍警單位大量採用之 SUREFIRE 戰術手電筒系列,到現在的 KRISS USA、KRYTAC 及射擊眼鏡系列-Smith Optics、ESS 等,除了大幅提昇國內特勤隊實力外,並將所累積的豐富經驗分享給國內生存遊戲的玩家。

Ever since 2000 the rise of the Thunder Sports Supplies Co. Ltd, we imported Law enforcement products from America and Europe, for example, the SUREFIRE LLC weapon light and KRISS USA & KRYTAC 、SMITH OPTICS、ESS at lately. We are specialized in introducing tactical goods and accessories to Taiwanese Special Forces, and now we are able to sell part of these products to airsoft enthusiasts and people who play survival games.