現時 RST 紅星國際無疑是中台灣乃至全台灣的生存遊戲知名商家,專攻平價生存遊戲用品,主營生存遊戲人身裝備、戶外用品、空氣槍配件以及各式軍事風格相關商品,近期也將商業觸角延伸至空氣槍領域,而除了紅星自有品牌猛牛Fierce Bull、鬼速 Ultra Speed之外,另外包含 Battleaxe 以其其他知名品牌空氣槍如 WE、UHC、VFC 亦有銷售,最為重要的是紅星還是台灣製測速器、發光器最大的經銷商;而紅星快遞一直以來也積極地與國際客戶群接洽,拓展跨洲貿易業務

RST international forest in 2005, in earlier time RST was the military style Merchandise Store,-retail store, especially Chinese People's Liberation Army equipment; then gradually put the business point to wargames and outdoor activity gears, without doubt, RST is one of participants to promote this activity in whole Taiwan.

Now RST international is the famous wargame equipment vendor in Taiwan, specializing war gaming elements, outdoor/survival personal gear, airsoft accessories and various military style related items, RST recent business range crossing to the air gun area.

In addition to RST owned brand like” Fierce bull”, “Ultra speed” and other high quality brand “Battleaxe”, internationally famous brand air gun such as” WE””UHC” “VFC” as well. The most important that RST is “XCORTECH” and “ACETECH” two maximum company in Taiwan's largest distributor, we have the Highest and variety of BB shooting chronograph and tracers for customers to choose.