As a 20 years airsoft player, we started to play airsoft guns from air cocking pistols like Japanese brand of Yonezawa or Takatoku, started gas pistols from Marukoshi, started AEG from Marui, started shotgun from Maruzen or Marushin, however, we what we appeared at that time is that the market only focusing a few of rifles & pistols like M16, M4 & AK..etc..

Our aims are simple, we would like to bring all you guys back to the golden ages of Japan era, that ages got a lot of airsoft makers, big one like MGC, JAC, WA, Marui, medium one like FTC, Hudson, HWS, Tanaka, Maruzen, Marshin, they had got wide range of product line from Rifles, SMGs(Small Machine Guns), Snipers, Shotguns & Pistols..etc.

Whatever these airsoft guns are air cocking, gas sourcing, gas bolt back or electric rifles or pistols, if there are good both in out looking or functioning, we also want to introduce to yours.