BOLT AIRSOFT 前身為日本 TOKYO-MARUI 的台灣總代理崇杉貿易有限公司 SHINING SPIRIT TRADING CO.,LTD。崇杉貿易有限公司創立於1999年,至今已有21年,經營者基於對玩具槍的喜好及熱忱,早期致力於引進日本各大品牌的生存遊戲用品,包括玩具槍、裝備、配件、人身部品以及BB彈等,主要業務均以台灣內銷市場為主。基於多年對玩具槍的經驗,從2011年開始經營自己自創的品牌"BOLT",主打最強後座力電槍為主要經營目標。 BOLT所有商品開發設計、生產製造、組裝均在台灣廠內自力完成,完全掌握所有的技術及設計能量,並在全世界主要國家均設有專利以及商標的註冊藉,以保護公司產品及經銷商的智慧產權,並保障與客戶之間的權益。

BOLT AIRSOFT (SHINING SPIRIT TRADING CO., LTD.), formerly TOKYO-MARUI's distributor in Taiwan. SHINING SPIRIT TRADING CO., LTD. was founded in 1999 and has been in business for 21 years. Based on the preference and enthusiasm of toy guns, the company is committed to introducing the survival games of major Japanese brands, including toy guns, equipment, accessories, and also BBs; the business was mainly based on the domestic market in Taiwan.

Based on years of experience in toy guns, we have been operating our own brand "BOLT" since 2011, with the primary feature of strongest recoil gun as the main business target. BOLT master all the technology and design spirit, and all product development, design, manufacturing and assembly are completed in Taiwan.

Patents and trademarks are registered in major countries around the world to protect the intellectual property rights of the company's products and distributors, also protect the rights and interests between the customers.

經營 BOLT 至今,我們一直不斷的精進產品的品質,內裝零件都為市面上改裝套件等級,所以產品的耐久力和表現力也是BOLT的特點之一;對於後座力系統也有多元化的研究,因此相比其它廠牌之擬真效果也是目前最好的。

Since operating BOLT to now, we have been constantly improving the quality of our products; the interior parts are all modification level graded in the market.

Therefore, the durability and expressiveness of the product is also one of the characteristics of BOLT; we have done diversified studies on recoil system, so the recoil simulation effect also the best compare to other brands.

一直以來我們是一個以擬真後座力為主要訴求的全球知名電動槍品牌BOLT,當然為了使生存遊戲的玩家及軍事搜藏家能夠同時擁有如GBB擬真的的後座力及AEG持續性的射擊樂趣的電動槍,我們設計的電動槍後座力系統稱為:Bolt Recoil Shock System (B.R.S.S.)。

BOLT is well-known recoil simulation of AEG manufacture in the world,
We always seeking reality recoil performance to provide both realistic "kick-back" simulation of a Gas Blow Back (GBB) and the continuous shooting pleasure of an Automatic Electric Guns for survival players and military collectors. We call the recoil system as Bolt Recoil Shock System (B.R.S.S.)。

BOLT 後座力系統
B.R.S.S.是一個革命性的專利設計,它巧妙利用高效的傳遞裝置將活塞動能轉移到槍托(Stock Tube)的重錘塊體,再利用塊體在槍托桿(Stock Tube)內的位移從而得到模擬真槍後座力(Recoil)的效果。


B.R.S.S. is a revolutionary design with International Patent Registered. This system simulates the recoil force of a real rifle by transferring the kinetic energy from piston to the reciprocating weight hammer inside the stock tube using a high efficient energy transferring mechanism. The movement of the reciprocating hammer creates the "kick" as you are firing a real rifle.

Unlike the previous recoil simulating design, the innovative BRSS system is a new and powerful AEG recoil system with countless endurance tests.

B.R.S.S. patents had registered in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, U.S.A., Japan, Korea, and Europe.